Frames X - UI Kit & Design Handbook

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Have you ever wanted to build aesthetic and functional interface systems in minutes, not days?

Frames X is the one Figma design system and Handbook to skyrocket your career and save thousands of hours designing your project's UI.

With this bundle (UI Kit+eBook), you will master the Figma design system best practices and access an extensive component library that will drastically improve your workflow by providing all the necessary assets and guidance to design a better UI.

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With Frames X, you will:

✔ Become a better designer. Obviously!

✔ Master Figma design systems best practices.

✔ Have a multi-brand UI Kit with over 4K components under your control.

✔ Create accessible and beautiful interfaces by learning from world-class designs.

✔ Level up your color, grid, typography, and other core design skills.

✔ Learn to create more flexible and valuable components in Figma.

✔ Build your project 10x faster using assets from a huge UI library.

✔ Document and share your designs with professionalism and ease.

What's inside?

ᐅ Design Handbook and Get started guide.

ᐅ Huge UI Kit with 420+ predesigned blocks to build your project/website/app faster.

ᐅ WCAG accessible color system.

ᐅ Scalable typography system that fits any device.

ᐅ 460+ global styles. Integrated Figma Tokens plugin support (.json file included).

ᐅ 30 UI tokens categories. 4,500+ components and variants with Auto-layout 4.0.

ᐅ 800+ MIT-licensed icons.

Who is Frames X for?

✔ People who want to start a design career or master the fundamentals of building a design system in Figma.

✔ People who want to create world-class UI without hiring a professional designer easily.

✔ UX/UI Designers who want to level up and get paid more.

✔ Developers who don't want to hire a designer but want to have perfectly tuned components and style guides at their disposal.

✔ Design teams and product people who want to accomplish projects faster by eliminating the need to design everything from scratch.

✔ Design students and educators who want to get maximum learning materials from working examples.

What are the perks of Frames X?

✔ It's a perfect out-of-the-box design system for Figma, with every string explained that you could use unlimited times.

✔ Frames can serve you as a blueprint for your projects or a conveyer template for making great UI kits at your agency.

✔ The product includes a complete handbook for building a design system accompanied by a vast library of UI components.

Who is Frames X not for?

— People who don't want to learn Figma or use the design system in their workflow.


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16 ratings
  • You'll get

  • Size
    48.9 KB
  • Design Handbook
  • 420+ Web Design Blocks
  • 4.500+ Components
  • Color System
  • Typography System
  • Grid & Layout System
  • Design Tokens (.json file included)
  • Integrated Dark Mode
  • Auto Layout 4.0
  • MIT-licensed icons
  • Lifetime updates
  • Component Properties
  • You'll get
  • Size48.9 KB
  • Design Handbook✔️
  • 420+ Web Design Blocks✔️
  • 4.500+ Components✔️
  • Color System✔️
  • Typography System✔️
  • Grid & Layout System✔️
  • Design Tokens (.json file included)✔️
  • Integrated Dark Mode✔️
  • Auto Layout 4.0✔️
  • MIT-licensed icons✔️
  • Lifetime updates✔️
  • Component Properties✔️


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Frames X - UI Kit & Design Handbook

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